Friday, February 3, 2012

First Trimester Fun

Or perhaps mostly not so fun... but here is a brief recap of the first 3 months of Baby Radtke's life in-utero.

1.When did you find out you were pregnant? 
Right before Halloween. It was a combination of my BBT staying high and my period not showing up, so we figured I should take a test. Around 5:45am one morning I peed on a stick, and sure enough there were two pink lines. There was no way I couldn't tell Ross right away, so I capped it and crawled back into bed with him, hardly believing my eyes. His response: "Well, what did you expect?" Typical Ross. I just kept staring at it, and Ross reminded me that he was the one that got me pregnant, not that stick, and that I should pay more attention to him. Always a Joker. ;-)

2. What early symptoms did you have? 
Physical symptoms included: a sore throat and feeling like I had a mild cold, bloating and mild gastro-intestinal symptoms, headaches, sore nipples, and some blood after intercourse, which was very unusual for me personally.

The non-physical signs included a random text from a dear friend who told me she had a dream I was pregnant. The text came the day I think we conceived! The other odd thing was that I definitely had a fish dream. In my dream we were walking around a town like Leavenworth with our families and in the center of the town there was a fountain. It was sunny and beautiful, and as I walked up to the fountain I looked down and there were many rainbow fish swimming around! Dreaming about swimming fish is thought to be a symbol of conception.

3. What was the best thing about the first trimester? 
For a while it was just Ross and I who knew (and perhaps a few of my girlfriends), but it was so exciting and new and secret. Another thing I really appreciate was that I had my husband by my side to take care of me and help me when I needed it. I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through it without him, and I feel for those mommas without a partner to help out. Pregnancy really isn't meant to be a solo event.

Ross says the best part was not worrying about birth control anymore... although he also said that having sex now that I'm pregnant is overkill. Just kidding!

4. What was the worst? 
The desire to share it with our family and the world yet so many fears. I was constantly worried at first: the fear of miscarriage was always looming in the back of my mind. My grandma had one, my mom didn't, and I'm pretty healthy, but you never know. It was such an incredible relief when we finally got to see the heart beating at a mere 6.5weeks!!!! It is so incredible how early the heart starts beating.

My other greatest fear was losing a job opportunity because I was pregnant, which ended up happening. While I must admit I am not over that completely, I know it isn't the worst thing in the world. I know God must have a plan for us even if we don't see it or understand it.

5. How bad was the morning sickness? 
I was definitely nauseous and stayed in bed a lot. It wasn't fun, I'll be honest, but the most fundamental and vital stages of development happen in the first trimester. Morning sickness if our bodies' way of making sure no poisons or toxins can enter our body and harm the baby. It's a blessing really, as much as it sucks.

A lot of smells really bothered me, especially bacon - ugh! Ross made some one morning in the microwave and I didn't go into the kitchen for a week. I subsisted on macaroni and cheese, string cheese, chocolate, Mexican food and a bunch of junk (so unlike me!) Ross brought me many meals in bed while I chugged away at finishing my masters project, and he was such a dear. My sister also sent me Preggie Pops which were a God-send: I highly recommend them!!!

6. The belly?
Well, it doesn't really exist in the first trimester. I started out being really bloated, and my pants were definitely tight after week 8, and I decided to move into maternity pants around week 10 just to be more comfortable. The hair-tie trick works well, but I just didn't feel great walking around with my pants unzipped. I tried belly-bands too, and though some women love them I am not a fan and wouldn't recommend them. Thrift store maternity pants did the trick!

Just for kicks:

5 weeks 

8 weeks

11 weeks 

14 weeks 

7. How did you tell people? 
This needs a blog post all its own. Coming soon.  

8. What are you most looking forward to in the second trimester? 
Since I'm already a few weeks into it, I'll tell you what I've been loving: a return of appetite and energy, the desire to eat green things again especially, the beginning of my belly, and coming soon: finding out the gender!!!! There's no way we can wait. I mean, if we had to we would, but we don't! 

9. When are you due? Sometime around the 4th of July! I can't wait to meet this little blessing, and we're hoping for firecrackers to celebrate!

10. Advice to other moms in their first trimester? 
This too shall pass. Don't worry so much about your diet, exercising, and so on... as Ross has told me many times, "It is HARD WORK growing a person!" Rest, nap, and enjoy your little miracle!