Why blog? 

I love food. I mean, I really LOVE food. I love eating food, reading about food, playing with food, maybe even learning to grow food. But more than what food does for me, what can I do to love my food in return?
That's what this is all about - a journey to discover and rediscover the sources, splendor and wonder of my food. I am starting with one specific goal - to not buy a loaf of bread for one year. I am going to make it all from scratch. For me, it's both environmental and spiritual, and this is my platform from which I can share my discoveries, failures, and joys. 

Baking your own bread means that YOU control all of the ingredients: whole, local, organic, natural. It's better for you, and better for the planet. Baking your own bread is a radical act of environmentalism.

Baking bread connects you to the ingredients and the processes of your food, and helps you forge a deeper connection to the earth and the divine. If Jesus can be in bread - what can't He be in? Baking your own bread is spiritual.

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