Friday, March 2, 2012

Over Halfway There!

I can't believe I'm over halfway there! The past 5 months have really flown by. The second trimester has been much better than the first - I love having my appetite and energy back. It really is the trimester of relative comfort, and I can tell the growing belly will only get more in the way as time goes on. My only complaint is that my bellybutton is already starting to stick out, and the occasional hemorrhoid. Ugh. 

Oh, and insurance companies... who apparently don't care at all about what women want or are interested in patient health at all... but that's another story. Basically, still not sure where we are delivering or who our midwives are. We'll have that figured out by the end of March for sure. Stressful!!!! 

I've been having fun with my new wardrobe! It was mostly gifted, consignment-bought or came from Christmas presents and gift cards, so it hasn't been too expensive at all. I would say I've spent about $150 for all the things I've bought - including some maternity pants, shirts, and a dress. Thank you to all who helped me out in finding things to wear! 

Just in this past week I've been noticing people really looking at the belly - at church, while shopping, and especially the kiddos at work. They ask SO many questions, and are the only ones who have been touching without asking, which I really don't like...(I think some of these kids must get to affection at home for how touchy they are), but I haven't minded at all when my friends and family want to have a feel. =) 

16 weeks - the first week the belly started to look like something! 

17 weeks... future twins fan? It's only OK because they're in a different league than the Rockies. 

18 weeks. 

19 weeks - it's a girl! 

20 weeks - felt my first movements! . 

21 weeks

Favorite things people have said to me:

"That's brave." -Teenager in the row with us while flying. Not sure if she was talking about being pregnant, or being pregnant and flying.

"So how pregnant are you really? Like, is it just a sperm in there or what?" -3rd grader at the Y

"Are you in labor?" -Same 3rd grader at the Y at 5 months.

"You're so tiny!" -Co-worker at 5 months.