Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Trimester Update

The second trimester is WAY better than the first, let me tell you! 

Feeling her kick!!! 
SEEING her kick from the outside! 
Having my appetite back 
Feeling much more energetic 
No more headaches
Thus far... no stretch marks (fingers crossed!!!) 
Getting jobs
Spending Easter in Colorado for my birthday and a Baby Shower - pictures coming soon =)
Finding a non-alcoholic beer that tasted good! Go O'Doul's Amber!
Finding a home! We're moving in 10 days!!! Can't wait to start nesting

Insurance denying our request to use an out-of-hospital birthing center 
Starting to see a midwife that insurance does cover only for her to tell me that she doesn't actually attend births anymore... and is retiring. 
Getting jobs that still aren't quite enough... and trying to keep my chin up... sometimes it really gets me bummed out 
Stranger belly rubs at work (really? What are you thinking? ASK!!!) 

The baby girl is growing!!!! And thus the belly... =) Overall we are both doing really well, healthy, no problems except that I'm a little anemic. Baby girl is taking all the iron she needs and will leave me depleted, so I'm taking supplements. But she is very active (even kicked her daddy a few times the other night) and has a strong heartbeat. I think the thing I am most excited for now is to actually get to see what she looks like! Ross is really excited to start building things for her, such as putting together her crib soon. 

22 weeks 

23 weeks 

24 weeks 

25 weeks 

26 weeks 

27 weeks 

28 weeks 

28 weeks was also a costume party with some friends of ours: I went as Juno and our friend Kim went as Paulie Bleaker. It was amazing. 

Things people have said to me: 

"Oh look at that belly!" - At work
"You are all belly! You look so good!" - At the baby shower
"It's a girl, right?" Fist pump with a yesssss! - Random old guy at Garden of the Gods 
"Is that real?" while poking my belly - Fellow costume party goers... yep, I had a pretty convincing costume