Monday, September 5, 2011

One Year Together

Today is our First Wedding Anniversary! 

I can't believe it! Since I wasn't blogging a year ago - I'm going to tell you all about our big day.

We got married at Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO. Incredible venue, great lodging, fantastic staff. I would highly recommend it!

If anything defined the day it was the Spirit - because it was WINDY! My veil even blew off at the end of the ceremony. 

The Rocky Mountains were a breathtaking backdrop. 

We got our flowers from Whole Foods - and they were lovely. My bouquet had a single purple rose - that was my mom's favorite color, and the rose represented the part of her I carried with me that day and everyday.  

Walking down the aisle with my Daddy. 

Forward explorers! Pr. Lydia's message was meaningful and got us laughing. 

The only decoration we had was the beauty of God's creation. 

The Kiss

We're married! So of course there were cap guns...

And a few moments of peace after the ceremony. 

Then on to the reception!

Rose, Craig, Marissa, Justin, Hayley, Ross, Me, Ben, Krystal, Jasper, Lauren, Blake. 

They were all amazing. 

The Wedding Party wasted no time in getting the party started. (It is in their job description after all - the Wedding PARTY)

We lit our unity candle inside rather than at the ceremony because of fire regulations. 

LOVED our centerpieces: pine coins from a tree from my Dad's property, simple unscented orange votive candles, pine cone garland, and blue spruce seedlings as wedding favors!  

And the cake was INCREDIBLE! My Stepdad's friend and co-worker April did it for us for just the cost of ingredients. The first two layers were a mountain scene with a lake, hiking trails, and a tent, one was chocolate and one was vanilla. The top two layers - a winter wonderland and our cake topper - were pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. I've never had such a perfect cake in all my life! 

Our caterers' only saving grace was that the food was organic and delicious, and that they took care of (mostly) everything. They brought the linens, plates, glasses, and everything for the meal, but they showed up with a slight variation on the menu, no iced tea, no ice for the beer nor a corkscrew, and one of the staff was quite sleazy and hit on our singer/guitar player. Thank goodness our friends and family were there to save the day with a corkscrew and such! 

This sums up the best man's speech pretty well. ;-) 

Right before our first dance my bustle decided to come undone... but Hayley came to the rescue! 

The bouquet toss - my bouquet split in three in air so there were three lucky girls!

Throwing the garter. 

Beautiful sunset. 

And the party went on. 

I LOVE this picture. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yep - I had two dresses! A short dancing dress for the reception just like Carrie Underwood. It was a bridesmaids dress that I loved - but in Ivory. Perfect, affordable, fun. Not to mention orange shoes! 

And we were off to our cozy cabin for the wedding night. 

I love you Ross! 

And many thanks to our family and friends who have supported us throughout our first year together!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't believe it's been a year! Wow. Seeing pictures just reminds me how beautiful everything was...awe, congratulations, you two. <3

80 Katie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

bahahahaha sleazy server!! LOVE YOU jenn and ross!! what an amazing day it was. :)

Krystal said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't believe it's been a year!!! Happy anniversary to you both! Miss you, love you, can't wait to see you again. :)