Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Favorite Happy Hours

I mean, who doesn't love happy hour? 

Bayou on Bay is one of our favorite spots in town - we always try to take out of town guests here, and I love meeting up with my friend Ruth there for Happy Hour: 4-7 Monday thru Saturday, and all day Sunday. 

The bar is adorned with remnants from many a Mardi Gras, classic looking wood stools and tables, and plenty of local, rotating brews. I, however, am dying for the days when we sit outside on the patio in the sun! It's perfectly positioned by the water so that the suns rays shine until the very last moment when it sets behind the San Juan Islands. 

It's Cajun  and Creole cookin' with local fare with one of my favorite appetizers that you don't commonly find - fried okra for $4!

My friend Ruth convinced me to try the alligator dip last time - it was surprisingly scrumptious! 

Ross especially enjoys Wednesday nights at Bayou - their special is fresh, local BBQ Ribs with 2 sides (Ross usually gets their Mac'n'Cheese and corn bread) complete with a pint for $16. 

Not pictured, but other favorites and highly recommended: ($8-$14 entrées) 

Barbeque Potrabella Mushroom Po' Boy with Sweet Potato Fries 
Blackened Chicken Pasta 

Our other favorite happy hour would have to be Milagro in Fairhaven, a community in the south side of Bellingham that hosts many unique local restaurants and shops. You could call it the "touristy" part of Bellingham. 

And it's not a good Mexican restaurant if there aren't baskets of free chips and salsa! 



This margarita is only $3.50, and though it is called the "Chica" it is by no means small. I personally love a traditional piquant margarita por las rocas.

And we love the tacos for $1.75 during Happy Hour!

For not happy hour, they have all the classics, or as Ross would say - anything you could ever want with meat, beans, vegetables, cheese, and tortillas - in some combination. The also have good seafood selections as well, but I am telling you - when they say Camarones al Diablo they mean it! The spice level is intense.

Their portions are pretty enormous, which makes up for the somewhat more pricey entrées ($10-15 each), but I usually get 2 or 3 meals out of one plate, so it works out for me just fine.