Sunday, January 9, 2011

Date Night Surprise

A few days ago, Ross told me that we were going to have a date night. I was to be ready to leave the house at 6:30pm on Saturday night. That was all I knew...

I figured out the dress code after I watched Ross put on a nice button down shirt with dress shoes too...

Then we got in the car and Ross drove us to downtown Bellingham to my surprise... Dinner at the Nimbus!

I've been wanting to try this restaurant for some time now, but it can be a bit pricey, so I guess I was just waiting for an occasion. The best part of this night - it was "just because" and very REAL.

It was so hard to take good pictures, as it gets dark around 4:30 here in Bellingham - so here's a borrowed picture of the building in the daytime. You enter the towers and take the elevator up to the 14th floor, the highest building in Bellingham, and you can enjoy the wonderful view. (Imagine... my camera couldn't do it justice in the dark!) 

The Nimbus is very special because it's menu changes with the seasons, and feautures FLOSSy foods: fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable. Right now, they are featuring their Winter Menu. 

For starters, we had fresh baked rosemary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Then, Ross enjoyed a delicious sweet potato soup and I had a Pear Salad with fresh organic greens, pear, chestnut crisps and chevre cheese. (I wish there was better lighting!)


I was besides myself - the flavors were incredible, and I was so happy (and drinking wine) that I completely forgot to take pictures of our entrĂ©es! But I will tell you about them: I feasted upon pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke ravioli, while Ross had a local (20 miles away!) grass-fed rib-eye steak with winter squash, local mushrooms and goat cheese. Then - because the portion sizes were reasonable and healthy - we had room for dessert!

Chocolate fudge cake with toasted marshmallows, peppermint sorbet served over a chocolate chip cookie crumble. It was to die for. 

My husband definitely knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach - but he knows me well enough to know that not just any food will do. I demand healthy, high quality, and delicious, REAL food. 

Our date night continued with a quick trip to the Food Coop for popcorn to sneak in my purse, which was much healthier, tasty, yet made with real butter! (I'm a sucker for popcorn, but movie theater refreshments are the epitome of unhealthy food-like substances, so we take it in.) I would definitely recommend this popcorn, and I would also recommend never purchasing anything that is sold at a movie theater; it's not real food and it's not good for you either. The only ingredients were: popcorn, salt, canola oil and butter! 

Ross took me to see True Grit, a remake of a John Wayne Western. I loved it! A strong lead female role, adventure, wide open spaces and lots of guns - what more could you want in a Western?

After the movie - it was snowing! Only the third time we've ever experienced snow in Bellingham. What a wonderful night - my husband really treated me to a taste-bud celebration and a movie that didn't need 3D or special effects. What a REAL night. Thanks Ross! 


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The only negative thing was that there was no Mac & Jacks at the Nimbus.