Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ross Bakes Bread

This is my husband, Ross:

He was making fun of me when I took this picture. So now it's on my blog. (I love him despite the teasing.)

I cut my finger pretty badly with our Santoku knife (which Ross tends to call the Sudoku knife) a couple days ago. It looks better now, but it bled profusely and really hurts! And typing without the middle finger is a bit of a challenge...

So, I was going to bake bread with gloves on... but then Ross wished he had something to put Nutella on, so I told he him could bake the bread. And he did!

He used the whole wheat recipe.
Mixed the dough.
And baked two beautiful loaves of whole wheat bread!

Ross, being the night owl that he is, started mixing the dough at: 

 And finished at:

Which means that all the pictures had to be taken without natural light... and I'm really tired staying up so late to document this! (That's a lie, really, I was working on my mounds of homework and grateful for the change of pace.) Now, the whole house smells wonderful! He did a great job; I am a proud teacher. 

Are you a night owl or a morning person? 

I am a morning person - or just a lover of the hours of daylight. My mornings get earlier in the summer. 


Harter, Faster said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Jenn (or maybe it was Ross), thanks for the motivation! Last night I baked a couple loaves of semi-wheat bread and they came out GREAT. I say semi wheat since it was a recipe that used half white/half wheat. Next time it will be all wheat. And I may just have to do the pretzels again too, they were awesome!

Thanks for the classes the last couple weekends, it was great.

Jenn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So happy to hear they turned out so well! I do both half/half and whole wheat, trying different ways. Vital wheat gluten flour helps a lot.

You were a fun student! Hopefully we will see each other soon.