Thursday, June 21, 2012

Third Trimester

The third trimester is coming to a close... and while I'm not done yet, I thought I would share some thoughts just in case they don't get written down. 

This trimester is definitely more difficult than the second, but I think better than the first. Second tri is great - I felt energetic, belly wasn't so big it got in the way, and I don't have morning sickness like in the first, though my appetite has definitely been wonky lately. I've been craving more carbs and meat while some veggies have just not been as appealing to me. 

This idea of being "full term" at 37 weeks is weird... it basically means that baby will be healthy on her own outside the womb, but chances are high that you'll still be pregnant for another 3-4 weeks and it is good for her to come out when she is good and ready. On the other hand, I'm starting to feel good and ready for her to come out. 

This baby girl is active - it is so crazy to see how much she moves. 
Pre-natal yoga at Blooma
Baby Showers!!! 
Maternity Photos at Rod Radtke Photography 
Receiving my first mother's day cards/gifts 
Moving into our own place and finally setting up a nursery 
Feeling a bit more like myself again
Insurance FINALLY came through for us... more details to come =)
Childbirth classes - we feel so much more empowered and prepared!
Savoring one-on-one time with Ross  

Being anemic and having to supplement iron = slow digestive system 
Stretch marks... Sigh. Welcome to motherhood! 
Even some of my maternity clothes are getting snug...
I have this crazy fear that she's a he. 
Rolling over at night and crawling out of bed to use the bathroom are definitely Olympic events. If she was due later in August, I would travel to London to compete. 
Work is getting exhausting... it is challenging to be on my feet for 6-8 hours and I feel like whimp even though I shouldn't (I am growing a person after all). 

28 weeks 

29 weeks 

30 weeks 

31 weeks 

32 weeks 

33 weeks 

34 weeks 

35 weeks 

36 weeks 

37 weeks - FULL TERM!!!

Three questions everyone asks: 
1. When are you due? 
2. Is it a boy or a girl? 
3. What's her name? 

I am getting really tired of them.... so I start making things up. I've been telling guests at work that it's a surprise so we don't even go to question #3. And I lie about her name to everyone... I keep saying it will be "Liberty Belle" since she's due on the 4th of July (after Juno's little sister). Ross tells everyone that she is going to pick when she's old enough. 

Well - here's to hoping and praying for a safe, speedy delivery and a healthy baby!!!