Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes

It is Pumpkin season indeed, and it has definitely been feeling more like fall around here with drizzly, gray days and the sun setting much earlier. Pumpkins are popping up all over the place, and Ross even pulled out our fall table cloth the other day. 

Pumpkin pancakes are a favorite of ours this time of year! Last year we used the box from Trader Joe's, which is good, but I though I would make them from scratch. I thought that using real pumpkin, although canned, would have a greater nutritional value. And it was relaxing to be making pancakes on a rainy, cozy morning. 

I followed the pumpkin pancake recipe from allrecipes - and I loved it! 

Pretty simple - mix the dry, then the wet. 

Then all together. 

Plopping the batter on the griddle was more challenging as the batter is not your typical pancake consistency - it is thick and sticks together. Resist the temptation to thin it out with more milk though, as they are delicious in their thick, fluffy form. 

Perfectly golden brown, moist and the pumpkin flavor really came through! I topped mine with my homemade vanilla yogurt, though Ross opted for the traditional maple syrup. The kind that comes from trees mind you. 


I have been doing a good job of keeping to my goals this first week of October! I have done yoga nearly everyday - and LOVE and would highly recommend it. I've been drinking lots of tea, had a wonderful massage (or two...), and even decided to visit a Chiropractor

My jaw has been painful and tight, and I'm tired of restricting myself to a soft foods diet, and didn't think that muscle relaxants or steroid injections sounded very appealing (as my doc suggested), nor did it sound like those things would solve the problem, just cover it up. I can say that right now I really appreciated that Chiropractor listened intently to what my concerns were, and he was interested in caring for my whole body and whole health, not just treating a symptom. I'm optimistic!

Have you ever gone to a Chiropractor? What was your experience like?