Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a GORGEOUS day in Bellingham! One of my most favorite Saturday morning activities is heading out to the Bellingham Farmers Market

The market was packed as temperatures reached near 60! This weather is almost my favorite -  blue sky without a cloud in sight and sun - but 10 more degrees and I could have been wearing a sun dress! 

I got to wear my Chacos today! These are definitely my favorite pair of shoes ever. (Sorry about the blindingly white feet.)

We started off with a light breakfast at the farmers market with a gourmet breakfast roll - eggs, potatoes, onions and cheese served with a breakfast gravy. 

This is perhaps our new favorite market food! They are super crispy and have a great flavor. 

New at the market this week were radishes... 

Kale flowers (which taste like broccoli) and spinach, which I did not manage to take a picture of, though they were both wonderful in the lasagna I made for dinner tonight! 

We also picked up some wheat berries. I have seem these all over the food blogging world - so when I found local and organic wheat berries for $4 - I had to go for it. The farmer, Jay, says that he uses them in lieu of rice in his dishes, but I have also heard that people use them in a wide variety of ways, like in oatmeal! 

One of Ross' favorite things to do at the market is to check out the pottery. (My favorite market activity is to sample cheese.) Ross found a beautiful plate that was half off - and when the artist told him that his plates were microwave and dishwasher safe - he caved. It is going to be a pastry plate - for when I make muffins or donuts. Apparently I need to learn how to make donuts.  

Then we headed over to Western's campus for their 40th Earth Day Celebration. Isn't this just the best message for a piece of chocolate to tell you? 

I got to sample some organic and fair trade chocolate from Terra Organica. Dark chocolate is my favorite treat - but Ross usually goes for milk chocolate because dark chocolate makes him sneeze! 

Then Ross and I signed a a few petitions, one in particular was to ban plastic bags in the city. Bag it Bellingham is what the initiative is called. 

Then I participated in a contest to see if I could fill a bag with groceries in 30 seconds flat - and it was a challenge! I made it in just over 30 seconds, so I still won the prize -this bag! (Interesting fact: I won a free bag at an Earth Day fair a few years ago by correctly answering "fecal coliform bacteria" to a trivia question.)  

This was a big hit with the little ones, though I don't think they got it. "Support Dinosaurs - Don't use Fossil Fuels" 

While we were at the market we got coupons for a dollar off a pint at Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen. Yeah, we know it was a marketing ploy to get us to go to the brewery and eat food and spend $30 to save $2 - but we LOVE that place! Not mention their beers have won numerous awards. 

We were ecstatic to see that they had their Vienna Lager back in the rotation - it is our favorite of their brews. 

For lunch Ross had the Reuben - lean corned beef, house-made kraut & Swiss on local Rye with Russian Dressing and yam fries. Ross got the yam fries more for me than for him - they are my absolute favorite side dishes!

And I had the AMAZING Yamburrito - 

Yams, roasted garlic, cabbage, carmalized onions, Jack cheese and 
corn in an oversized flour tortilla topped with house made tomatillo 
salsa. Served with rice and black beans. 

Ah glory - local beer, sun, and local food! After lunch we went for a walk around town, did a little shopping for climbing gear (one of our new favorite ways to spend time together - climbing!), and then came home for a nap (napping is perhaps my favorite afternoon activity). We're trying not to get too down about the impending week of rain in the forecast... 

Overall, on of my favorite kinds of days! 


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Sounds like a wonderful day!

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Your kids are gonna eat sooooo well one day :)