Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Starting Seeds

I've been dreaming... 

and reading... 

and saving... 

so then I did some shopping... 

and started some seeds. 

I cut the egg cartons in half. 

Poked holes in the bottom with a fondou fork. 

Bought some seed starter mix... 

The seed starter consists of peat moss, perlite, pumice and washed sand. Tips from Mini-farming: DO NOT start seeds with potting soil. 

I lined the egg cartons with contractor bags to water proof them, and wet the top part of the egg carton under running water. The lids are underneath and act as trays. 

I filled the cartons with seed starter mix. 

And planted the seeds. 

These are for a lettuce variety pack. 

I placed them in the kitchen window because it will receive a lot of sunlight.  

And is located right above the baseboard heater to keep them warm. 

I watered the seeds with a spray bottle - since they are barely 1/8 inch deep watering them with a cup would displace the seed starter mix and expose the seeds. I have also been lifting one of the sides of the carton and pouring water under the carton and into the plastic lines tray so that the carton absorbs water from underneath as well. It's apparently imperative to keep the seeds wet at all times. 

This turtle was a wedding gift that my Dad's girlfriend's son painted for us (the kid who wanted a quesadilla but only with a salad). I'm glad that it finally will be able to be put in a garden. Of sorts. 

Confession: I am terrified I will fail miserably at this gardening thing. I have read a lot, hesitated enough to consider not doing this at all, and asked my grandpa so many questions that I've got myself all worked up. I mean, kindergarteners grow peas to learn about plant life cycles right? I can do this. I hope. I pray. 

I feel like I don't know a thing about gardening. All those childhood years planting and gardening with my grandpa - why did I suddenly think it wasn't cool in middle school and stop helping out!?!? Damn puberty. Ah, well, if I fail miserably, it will be a lesson learned. If I get a few plants to fruit and can eat my own food - even if it is just one cucumber - then it will be a success. 

Any tips or advice are more than welcome. 

Also - today is my 24th birthday! My Dad flew into town this morning and is napping for the time being, but tonight we're all going to the Nimbus to celebrate. I can't wait to tell you all about it - and since the last time we went it was really dark I am looking forward to taking pictures in the daylight! (And, if you didn't notice from the pictures, the SUN CAME OUT!!!!! Best birthday present ever - family and sun!) 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yeah for the sun! I'm waiting for it to come out and melt all of our snow!!

I, unfortunately, do not know much about gardening, but hopefully some day I will!