Saturday, May 14, 2011

Avenue Bread

Who doesn't love Saturday morning brunch? 

We love it! So we went to our favorite local bakery - Avenue Bread.

While there are three locations, the one closest to us has an "exclusive menu" with additional offerings. It makes us feel special indeed. 

Of course bakeries have lots of sweet treats! 

And loaves abound! It is sometimes hard to resist buying, so I sample instead. 

For brunch I went with a locally roasted drip coffee. 

And Ross went with some local chocolate milk. 

Then I had the Mexican Eggenue Sandwich on an 8-grain English muffin with hash browns. 

It had an egg, jalapeño cream cheese, spinach, and freshly diced tomatoes. A wonderful combination! 

Ross went with the James Street omelet - bacon and swiss with hash browns and whole grain bread.  

Which Ross will, without fail, turn into a monstrous and amazing breakfast sandwich. 

Enjoy your weekend! I wish ours didn't call for rain...