Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Fun & Games

Hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day - we would have loved to BBQ with our families, but as they live in either Minnesota or Colorado, it was just the two of us.

Well... we did have a few visitors today! 

We took it easy today - slept in, finished season 6 of The Office, made lunch and dinner, and went on a really cool walk to Big Rock Garden! I had no idea that there was a sculpture garden a mere two miles from our house - and what a neat place it is. I definitely didn't go walking with my camera, however, so we will return soon to share pictures.

Dinner tonight wasn't very appropriate for the holiday, but I sure enjoyed it! 

All organic carrots, broccoli, chicken and brown rice cooked up in a homemade orange sauce.

Although this sure felt holiday appropriate! My grandparents always had ice cream sandwiches during the summer... so I figured this treat was a great way to kick off the summer. 

Dislike: single serving packaging. 

Like: vanilla ice cream surrounded by chocolate that melts in your mouth. =) 

Then, since we watched entirely too much TV today, we opted for an evening of games to continue what we started last night; Golf (R-1/J-0) & Nurtz (R-2/J-1

We started with Sequence - LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. 

Ross usually dominates at this game - but tonight we ended up each winning one for a total tally of R-3/J-2.

Ross and I LOVE board games and card games - which made us miss our family even more since the games are more fun with more than two people! 

Like Killer Bunnies - way better with more than two people, though we still had fun. 

This game is probably the most ridiculous game ever - and it has nearly 1000 cards!!!! And the rules encourage you to barter, blackmail, and scheme... 

The object of the game is to collect the winning carrot. 

The winning carrot is decided at the beginning of the game (though no one knows which one it is) by the way this smaller carrot deck it cut. The carrot on the bottom wins. It is essentially a lottery. 

To get carrots you can buy them, get a "Choose-A-Carrot" card, steal them, or win them. 

To win the game you must have a bunny - but to prevent others from winning there are obstacles like weapons or feedings that could kill others' bunnies. There's a LOT more to it... and I'll tell you if you ever want to play with us. 

There are even some that we created, (I know, suuuuuper nerdy) like this one of Ross' - "Oven Mitts." 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha - Ross had to play the game like this! Until he offered to make a deal with me - a bunny in exchange for taking off the mitts about 20 minutes later. Then - as soon as I had the bunny I used "My Big Fat Bunny Wedding" which stated that the person who the card was played on had to share half their carrots with their spouse. That was 6 carrots for me! 

I ended up winning but it was a fiasco! The winning carrot card was missing and had made it's way into the regular deck, so we could never collect it - however, I have the next one up and went out first. So, technically, R-3/J-3.  

Whenever we teach this game to people for the first time they are pretty sure we are making things up. (For instance, if you have the card with your zodiac sign, and that's the winning sign, and the current sign, then at the end of the game you get to steal everyone's carrots but one. That has happened to me before - it was the last day of Aries, my sign, and it was the winning Zodiac! Our friend John is still bitter about this nearly 2 years later...) 

 I don't blame them. It does sound like we're making it all up... but we're not. At all. 

Have you ever played Killer Bunnies? What is your favorite card/board game? 


nimajneb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the Killer Bunnies game, I just ordered 3 more decks, the Violet, Orange, and Green ones.