Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girl Time

Sometimes, you just need girl time.

 I love the husband and all... and as much as I am intrigued by the potential realignment of NHL divisions and being quizzed on geography... I LOVE girl time with Hayley. 

Yes, we were indeed viking princess warriors. I mean are. 

And for New Year's we went ice skating together. 

And we went to the Olympics in Vancouver! 

And saw the USA win gold! 

And we went to Disneyland. 

More than once while in undergrad at Cal Lutheran

She was a wonderful bridesmaid in my wedding - and caught one of the bouquets! (I threw three, but it was a surprise!) 

And she fixed the bustle on my dress (with pliers) moments before our first dance. I might add that she did so with flushed cheeks as well. ;-)

And we went to brunch at the Harris Ave Cafe this week! 

And it was incredible! A small breakfast spot adjacent to Tony's Coffee in Fairhaven that supports local farmers and food producers and makes a mean scramble. 

We couldn't decide on one thing so we split the Topeka Scramble with eggs, zucchini, broccoli, onions, cheese and potatoes and a slice of wheat bread from BreadFarm.

And the Huevos Laredos - an over-medium egg served with chipotle black beans, tortilla, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. The chipotle flavor really stuck out and was wonderfully spicy! 

Then we walked around a few boutique shops and spent time at Village Books - a fantastic local bookstore! 

Later in the afternoon we went to see Bridesmaids - which I think Ross would have actually enjoyed (but it was girl time!). It was raunchy, pretty hilarious at times, though I never enjoy vomit scenes. That's a boy thing I think - potty humor. 

We made a stop at Labels to do some shopping for the new job Hayley's starting! Labels is a really great place to find quality used clothing at a really great price. When I started my AmeriCorps position and needed dress clothes I went there and found Gap and NY label dress pants in good condition for only $6 or $7! 

And we made one more stop on our way home at the Grocery Outlet. I have never been - I prefer to get my food from the market or from our CSA - but I was really surprised to see what was inside! 

I would not buy my produce there, but they have tons of organic non-perishables at prices blew my mind! MaraNatha Cashew Butter for $2.50, Organic Peanut Butter for $1.99, Newman's Own Pasta Sauces for $1.99, and so on! 

Boxes of Nature's Path Optimum energy bars for $6!!! It was great. They tend to have a rotating inventory so you won't necessarily know what you can get, and Hayley warned me to check expiration dates and pop-tops (most of their products are close to the expiration dates, hence why they are cheaper), but the prices were unbelievable! I'm definitely going to frequent this spot more! 

And I'm definitely going to make time for girl time more often as well!!!!! 

Tomorrow - I'm going to blog about roasting the chicken