Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local

The Nimbus is closing!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!


The Nimbus is one of my most favorite spots in Bellingham! Ross took me for the first time for a date night surprise, and then we went back again for my birthday.

I took this title from a blog post my professor wrote a while back when Pastazza closed, another wonderful restaurant dedicated to fresh, local, seasonal and organic foods and local farmers. The message really speaks for itself; I don't know what else I could say.

Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local. 

On July 3rd the Nimbus is going to be closing its doors - whether permanently or temporarily is yet to be determined. This is part of the email we received from Chef/Owner Josh Silverman

"For the last five years, my team and I at Nimbus have lovingly labored to bring you, our guests and friends, an ever-changing menu of seasonally inspired dishes and cocktails, utilizing the finest locally sourced ingredients.  Along the way we have been humbled by the enthusiasm of the farmers, fish mongers, oyster growers, ranchers, cheese makers, coffee roasters, wild food foragers, bread bakers, winemakers and beer brewers, who have happily complied with our crazy requests for the specific ways in which we wanted them to bring us the ingredients that we used to create the experience that isNimbus.  My goal was always to ensure that whether you were coming in for a multi-course tasting menu or for happy hour Sliders and Steam Buns that you could count on being served the finest that Whatcom County had to offer and feel good about supporting a network of local artisan’s by simply the act of dining.

This has not been an easy goal to accomplish but I do give Bellingham a ton of credit.  In the five years that I have been at Nimbus, I have seen many encouraging signs emerge that point to the fact that the people of Bellingham care about where their food comes from.  But we still have a long way to go and there is a definite disconnect in the understanding of the costs involved in producing quality food, whether it be in the field or at the table.  Our artisan food producers are the rock stars of our community and they need your support now more than ever!

In regards to Nimbus, we will be closed for business for at least two months starting July 3rd.  As I said, our future beyond August is uncertain and if we do re-open as Nimbus in the fall, it is unclear if it will be under my ownership and/or if I will be in the kitchen as Chef." 

Naturally, we had to go at least one more time before they close! Hopefully we will be to go again in the fall (fingers crossed!!!) 

The past two times we sat with a view to the water, but this time the gorgeous weather let our eyes feast upon Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan! 

Very excited, yet so bittersweet! 

We just decided to let our taste buds rejoice and savor every bite.  

We started off with their Monday night special - a bottle of house wine and a small cheese plate for $20. 

A selection of artisan cheese (a port cheddar and a Oregonzola) with apple slices, nuts, and house-made crackers.

Then we enjoyed a variety of their $5 Happy Hour specials!  

Grilled Flatbread
Smoked Tomato, Mozzarella, Potato, Parmesan, Basil

Mac and Cheese
Pecorino B├ęchamel, English Peas, Morels, Marjoram

Truffle Fries (GF)
Parmesan, Garlic, Truffle

Malted Barley Ice Cream - (Think beer ice cream!)  

Go team! 

It was absolutely incredible, as always, and we are heartbroken to know that soon they will be closed. 

Nimbus, please come back! 


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What a bummer that they are closing!

All the food looks amazing!