Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whale Watching

We surprised my grandparents with a day cruise with San Juan Cruises to go whale watching! 

Their 46th anniversary is next week - so we celebrated a little early. (Wow - 46 years! I can't even imagine - and that is something to admire!) 

We took some photos while waiting to depart for a cruise around the San Juan Islands. 

Then we ventured to where the captain had heard the whales were hanging out - which happened to be near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. 

So we ended up with an air show in addition to whale watching! 

It was incredible to watch these majestic creatures breeching out of the water from time to time. We couldn't get too close - it's against the law to come within 200m of the whales. It was hard to take photos! 

Whales live in pods - and the whales we saw were members of the J-Pod; residents of the San Juan Islands. There are 27 members of the J-Pod - the oldest whale is thought to be in her 90s! 

The cruise included a 2-hour stop in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. 

Views of the harbor. 

By this time we were hungry - so we stopped for some fish and chips of course! At Haley's. 

The ocean always make me crave fresh seafood. 

I was not disappointed at all! The fish and chips were excellent - as was the clam chowder!

We walked around the shops and stopped for some wine tasting. Ross and I picked up a Syrah from San Juan Vineyards. Syrahs are definitely our favorites almost everywhere we go.  

We ventured near the marina and watched the boats and sea planes come and go. It was a little chilly - but a very pleasant stop. 

On the cruise back to Bellingham we were served a Wild Salmon & Baked Chicken buffet dinner. With rolls (they came out of a bag and didn't taste good at all), salad, and rice. The salmon was excellent and the rest was good but nothing to write home about.  

Right before dessert was served the crew members announced that it was my grandparent's 46th anniversary and invited them to be served first (yes... a week early. Shhhh...) My grandma blushed and gave me that look - but I think they enjoyed it and had a great time.

The desserts were pretty great!  
The brownie was a bit too hard, but the cheesecake melted in your mouth and the berry cobbler was wonderful.  

Then we said farewell and ventured home, exhausted from the day's adventure. 

Happy 46th Anniversary Carl & Myra! 


Krystal said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My grandparents had their 60th anniversary this year. Pretty incredible! We both have good role models. :)