Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had a fun and relaxing evening recently with my friend Siri at CreativiTea - a "pottery painting studio and tea bar" located in Fairhaven right next to Skylark's Hidden Cafe. 

First you peruse this massive wall of things to paint - mugs, plates, bowls, frames, vases, dog bowls, and even little things like penguins, gnomes, and they had quite a collection of skulls, pirates, spiders and pumpkins out as well for the upcoming holiday. Eventually you'll be able to pick one. 

But then there is the wall of paint! How do you decide what color, what design, what style? Free hand, look to books for inspiration, or follow a pattern? Stencils? Feathers? Sparkle paint or regular?

Then you have to decide what tea to get! We decided to opt out of tea because our brains couldn't handle any more choices that night. Although when I went back with Ross to pick up our creations we decided to try the Rooibos Caramel Tea - IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Whether you are a tea drinker or not you will love this tea. It reminded me of Christmastime at Holden Village

Eventually, we got down to business. Siri selected a lovely leopard print frame to get the part started. 

And went with a frame! 

A week later: beautiful! Sorry for the shadows, but they wouldn't let me take her frame home, just look at it. Pretty cool eh? She chose a color to paint, then placed bits of dried paint which formed those beautiful blobs during the firing. 

I went with a plate because I want a pretty fall background to photograph for my blog. Is that lame? 

Plus I love fall! I did some stencil pumpkins and leaves, some free-hand leaves, and had a lot of fun painting them! It was so relaxing and enjoyable, and Siri is such great company. 

I like it, though I feel a but critical of myself (I wish I had painted that one leaf one cm more to the left! Why didn't I do a border?) But I like it. And soon it will be covered in delicious food! Keep you eye out for it. =)

And we may or may not have painted something else, but I can't tell you about it today. I will definitely share with you when I can though! 

So here's to your CreativiTea! 

Do you like to paint? If not, what is your artsy fix? 

I love to knit/crochet and quilt, and as the weather is changing it is definitely getting to be knitting season!