Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baking at BelleWood

I have officially started working at BelleWood Acres in their bakery, it has been fun though very slow going for me as I am still learning, recovering and need to take it easy still. 

Today was a very special day because it was the Whatcom County Farm Tour - which included 13 local farms (plus the Farmers Market) that were offering tours and interactive educational displays of their farm and products. This included vegetables, wine, cheese, fruit, bison, alpacas and APPLES! 

If you ever stop by (which you are welcome to Sept 1 - Dec 31st every day!) make sure to say hello to Dorie - a first generation farmer! Then like BelleWood on Facebook! 

I only got to make one farm stop today as I was working, but it was a fantastic stop to make! This is a picture of the orchards early in the morning when I arrived - and right away we got to baking!!! 

8 dozen cookies - both chocolate chip and regular honey roasted peanut butter cookies! 

Pocket Pies - mini apple pies that are pretty much the cutest thing ever! 

Caramel Apples, obviously.  

With or without nuts. 

And apple turnovers!!! 

Apparently the goal is to make then look like sharks... I was fairly successful I would say! Da na.... Da na.... da na na na na na na dananananananananana! 

Eh-hem... Quality control. 

And the first batch of Apple Cider of the season!!!! 

The "Cider Man" was kind enough to share a sample - oh boy did it taste like fall! Delicious. 

We spent the afternoon bagging apples chips (just sliced, dehydrated and sealed!) Dana and Martha are awesome people to work with! 

You can pick them up at the Farm Store, Haggen, and I believe the Co-op as well. 

And this isn't part of the Bakery but a very sweet treat that cannot go without mention - apple cider donuts!!!! 

Uh-mazing. Ross is going to be upset that I didn't bring any home... next weekend honey, don't worry. 

One of the best parts of the day was that right when I got off my friends Sarah and Stead showed up! I decided to hop on the train and take an orchard tour with them, which was fun with the incredible view of Mt Baker and the sprinklers running to cool us off! It was HOT - Bellingham has had warmer weather in this first week of September than it has all "summer"!!!!! 

Then I drove home and took a 3 hour nap. Whew! I was exhausted, but it is amazing what sleep and a little ice for the nose can do for a girl. Ross and I are taking it easy with a movie tonight! 

Is really is getting to be fall, isn't it?!?!?