Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Different Smile

We went out for our first anniversary on Monday. 

It was a really low key day as I am still recovering from surgery, but we still went out to dinner that night - though it might be considered untraditional to go with two members of your wedding party and another really awesome friend... but Justin had flown in from TN and we had to see him! 

Justin and Hayley (they were both in our wedding party and hooked up on our special day, and they are still together. One of my favorite wedding stories!) So we all decided it was their one year make-out-aversary.

And this is Siri (who grew up with Hayley and is now our friend too!) 

We went to Skylark's Hidden Cafe in Fairhaven - and I was swept into wedding day reminiscing with my friends and failed to take any photos. Blame it on the drugs. But if you ever get to Skylark's you must, I repeat, you MUST order the Butternut Squash Lasagna. INCREDIBLE. It was unlike anything I'd tasted before, yet so familiar, creamy and cheesy and wonderful. 

The next day (Tuesday) I got the splints out and boy did that feel weird! My nose is still very tender but I can take deep breaths and was finally let everything drain out of my nose. (TMI? Sorry... it just feels so liberating!) 

Then on Wednesday we got our next CSA box from Cedarville Farm - it just keeps getting better! Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, beans, artichoke, lettuce, swiss chard, and potatoes! I am excited for potatoes. 

I decided to take a twist on the old Caprese salad and made a Caprese Egg Breakfast! 

I fried two eggs, and after I flipped them I topped them with two thick slices of tomato, two slices of cheese, and then topped it with basil once it was ready for eating. It was delicious - a definite repeat recipe! 

Also - something I've noticed today when I uploaded these pictures - I think my smile is different now!!! 

I know these pictures aren't super close up, but the top one is from July and this is my only post-surgery photo as of now. My smile used to show gums on top, and now it doesn't! It totally weirds me out. (Plus Ross is wearing the same shirt in both photos, so that's funny.) Maybe there is still some swelling, or maybe it will always be like this?!?!? Who knows. Hayley said my nose did look straighter though, so perhaps? Am I crazy?

Whew, this was a random blog... ah well. It's what is on my mind. =) 

Hope you are all doing well!