Monday, July 25, 2011

The Wild Wildery Wilderness

My reflections and pictures after a week in the North Cascades and a discussion of the Wilderness Act. 

The Wild Wildery Wilderness

Wilderness, Wildness, Wildery, Wild,
It opens my eyes with the wonder of a child
Uncontrolled, Untrammeled, Untamed, Imprecise
What wonders unfold when left to its own device.

Naturalness, Naturalist, Natural, Nature,
Ferns, mosses, cedar and Doug fir
Glaciers, peaks, rivers and sea
Creatures, flowers, and then there’s me.  

Silently, Silence, Sound, Song
The community of creation sung all along
But did we hear rushing rivers or the Swainson’s Thrush?
Did we listen to the creaking snag? – don’t rush!

Solitude, Solitaire, Sole, Soul
Wandering alone connects me to the whole
In the city I am many, out here I am one
Though I coexist with all beings under the sun. 

Spirituality, Spiritual, Spirit, Aspire
The mountain peaks lift my heart ever higher
To the sky and to the heavens I envision my fate
Though I savor this beauty as I live and I wait.

Rejuvenation, Rejuvenate, Refine, Renew, 
Such richness in a place that we humans construe
Yet nourished, restored and free I am
And brought back to God like a long lost lamb.

Untrammeled, Untouched, Unwelcome, Unseen
Wilderness is a place of in-between  
We venture to visit, explore and discover
Still I must leave, and return to my lover.

Restrictions, Restrict, Restraint, Restrain,
Both a law and a choice for conserving wild terrain
With action and inaction, the latter more trying
Save living, nothing is more natural than dying.

Gratitude, Gracious, Gracefully, Grace, 
Thank you for allowing me to touch this place
Come again I will, for green-eyed I must confess 
I revere the Wild, Wildery, Wilderness.