Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catchin' Up & Playin' Ball

I've gotten a little behind in my posts... I'm still very much recovering from my experience on White Chuck Mountain, so I thought it might help to blog about some fun things we've been doing lately!

Like hangin' out in our hammock and reading in the sun. 

Or making a mango salsa! So refreshing - I love the color and the sweet and spicy together on a salty tortilla chip!  

Or enjoying Lauren & Chris' homemade guac on the 4th of July! 

We played a game called Loaded Questions on the 4th of July - it was a blast. A great party game - I would highly recommend it! 

And a baseball game! We went to see the Bellingham Bells play last week (it was so close we biked!) and enjoyed a sunny summer evening with friends. Tuesdays are $2 Tuesdays - which means buy one seat get one for $2 AND $2 draft beers from Boundary Bay!!!! Can't beat that! 

Katie and Ian.

They went for the classic ball game snack - peanuts! Yum! 

Chris and Lauren with a pretzel. 

Us! Ross is wearing his "Miner League Baseball" t-shirt... I wish I had a better picture. It is the MLB logo but the player has a pick and a headlamp as opposed to a bat and a batting helmet. Ha ha ha...

Along with our $2 drafts we got the classic ballpark hot dog from Hempler's in Ferndale on a bun made by Avenue Bread. I thing it is so great that the Bells support local foods and businesses! 

What have you been doing for summer fun?