Saturday, July 16, 2011


This past weak has been one of many endings! 

1. Harvest - my first veggies from my potted garden! I know I'm way behind the curve here - radishes were SO last April... but I'm new at this! So these are the end of my radishes.

2. Rain - Not that this is really new... but we've had a cold front come in and a rain dumped on our heads. This weather is something we just hope ends... 

We took a rainy cruise up and down Ross Lake with my Summer Block. At least our assortment of rain jacket colors brighten up the day! 

As we ventured uplake and into the rain shadow the rain did indeed end. 

So peaceful. 

And beautiful. 

We went to the midnight showing to see it all end. 

Ross went as Bill Weasley - since they both have long hair and a hot wife. 

4. Farewell - Our friends Rose & Greg are moving to Colorado, so we went down to Seattle to say goodbye for now - but at least it was a Happy Hour! 

Rose and Greg

We went to the Tap House for Happy Hour. The appetizers were alright, but the beers were what we were most interested in!!! 

They have SOOOOO many to choose from! Nice pick Rose! 

We got the sampler - choose any four beers for $10.95! 

We got a Pear Cider, Pyramid Hefe, Leavenworth Whistling Pig Hefe, and a Moose Drool Amber! The Moose Drool was definitely my favorite!  

Then there were apps for $2-$4 each! Like Popcorn shrimp. 

Spinach Artichoke dip. 

And smoked salmon w/ cream cheese sushi rolls. 

Then dessert - a molten chocolate lava cake. 

And a caramel cheesecake. 

Rose and I grew up together in Colorado - so while I enjoyed the time we both lived in Washington I'm not too bummed about their move. It will be great for them (Greg is going to Denver Seminary starting next month) and we will always be able to see them when we go and visit family in Colorado.

And finally.... 5. I made peace with that mountain. 

I think.