Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Guess what we had for dinner in Colorado... Armadillo! 

No, not that kind, we went to the Armadillo Mexican Restaurant! 

(Though I did once see an armadillo wrapped in plastic in the freezer section of an Asian supermarket in Southern California...) 

You know its a good Mexican restaurant when there are free chips and salsa on the table, even before we finish deciding who gets to sit closet to the baby. 

Ross won, for a little while. 

And this is perhaps my favorite appetizer in the world. Chili con Queso - a spicy cheese dip to accompany those tri-color chips. 

My advice: seek out those curved chips for maximum cheese to mouth efficiency. 

Sorry this picture is blurry, but I have to share because I am so proud: Coty, my Dad's Girlfriend's son, told his mom he wanted to order the cheese quesadilla, but "only with a salad too." Music to my ears. 

Ross had the smoked chicken enchiladas, which were so smokey that you would smell it before you even dug into it with your fork. They were excellent, though a bit on the spicy side for Ross. 

And although this doesn't look super appetizing, it is my absolute favorite dish, and not something I have ever seen offered at any other Mexican restaurant I have ever been to: a stuffed sopapilla filled with beans and cheese (or your choice of meat) and topped with a generous helping of their vegetarian green chili. 

I really do love this independent and local family Mexican restaurant, for the delicious food and the great family memories. 

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen in a grocery store?