Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Kitchen Wish List

Alright world, I have a birthday coming up in a month from today; that's April 6 if you weren't sure.

So I made a kitchen wish list as any right-minded foodie would. Last year Ross bought me a kitchen compost pail and I was absolutely smitten. I would have been pretty neutral about a necklace. I know some women might be offended by kitchen accessories and appliances as gifts from her husband, but for me it means my husband is speaking my language.

My current kitchen wish list: 

Oh my word how could you ever pick a color? My kitchen them is moose - so perhaps the Almond Cream color would be best, but a part of me not-so-secretly LOVES this Green Apple color. As if that's even the most important part... I would love this for all my baking endeavors! I'll also take used, refurbished, or estate sale stand mixers.

I had heard nothing but RAVE reviews about this baby - you can make a soup from a WHOLE acorn squash, skin and all - HOT and ready to serve in this thing. The ultimate blender plus for nearly anything you can imagine - except I wouldn't use it for bread. Vitamix is having a factory refurbished sale right now! 

Choose your own oil to pour into the Misto and you can spray it! 

As my friend Melissa puts it, "Holden amazingness;" perfect for bread chopping, dough scraping, counter cleaning, scooping chopped veggies, and more I'm sure.

I'd be a liar if I said I didn't love donuts. Wouldn't it be great to make my own at home?  

It's what all the truly great bread bakers have, supposedly a heck of a lot more accurate for measuring out ingredients than cups, and since I am going to be truly great, I need one. Plus, how the head do you know what one pound of Broccoli is?!?!

I now have a favorite local dairy from which to buy milk, so why not make my own yogurt? I can keep it local, and those glass bottles and jars mean no plastic contaminating my food or going into a landfill. Plus I'm not a fan of powdered milk.

Dried fruit, dried vegetables, real fruit leather - all can be made in our own home! 

Pressure Canner
and jars, and probably a book or two to go with it. 

It pains me incredibly in the winter to go to the local community food coop and see tomatoes from Mexico. Your next best bet is to go for the can of tomatoes which were canned in season, or simply avoid them all together. Well, why not make it local and seasonal and can those tomatoes that you bought from a local farmer? It's the perfect solution for FLOSS-y tomatoes in wintertime.


What else do I need on my wish list? What is your kitchen must have


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