Friday, March 4, 2011

Fridays on Food and Faith

Today I wanted to share a poem and a grace that I found beautiful. 

Blessing of the Stew Pot 

Blessed be the Creator
and all creative hands 
which plant and harvest, 
pack and haul and hand 
over sustenance - 
Blessed be carrot and cow, 
potato and mushroom, 
tomato and bean, 
parsley and peas, 
onion and thyme, 
garlic and bayleaf, 
pepper and water, 
marjoram and oil, 
and blessed be the fire - 
and blessed be the enjoyment 
of nose and eye, 
and blessed be color - 
and blessed be the Creator 
for the miracle of red potato, 
for the miracle of green bean, 
for the miracle of fawn mushrooms, 
and blessed be God 
for the miracle of the earth:
ancestors, grass, bird, 
deer and all gone, 
wild creatures
 whose bodies become 
carrots, peas, and wild 
flowers, who
give sustenance
to human needs, whose 
agile dance of music 
nourishes the ear 
and soul of the dog 
resting under the stove
and the woman working over
the stove and the geese
out the open window 
strolling in the backyard. 
And blessed be God 
for all, all, all. 

Printed in Food and Faith; originally from Moving to the Edge of the World: A Poetry Trilogy