Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family, Food and Garlic Knots

Whew... it has been a busy weekend!

Ross and I flew to Colorado on Saturday morning and when my Dad picked us up from the airport he asked me if he was going to get to try some of my bread while I was here.

Of course, I was more than willing to oblige, and loved the built in reason to bake. On Sunday, my niece Renee was baptized, and where there is a special family moment there is a reception, and where there is a reception there is food, and I had to bring some real, fresh, homemade bread.

Ross, me, my sister Marissa, brother-in-law Eric, and of course, Renee.

Welcoming the newest member of Christ's family... and she slept through the entire thing.

Isn't she just the most adorable baby girl ever!?!?!

Notice her shirt... it says "My Auntie is #1." That's right. 

And since we're on the topic of baked goods... check out the cake! My sister's mother-in-law made this from scratch - super impressive looking, and it tasted wonderful as well.

Anyway... back to the bread we baked. Baking on vacation! 

For the reception, my Dad and I made garlic knots from the garlic rosemary recipe, though this time we used minced garlic rather than garlic powder. Both methods are delicious. My grandma is giving him some advice I think. 

My grandpa took me to Sprouts, a natural foods store that has recently "sprouted" up in Colorado, because he knew I would like it. It was a nice and open, had a fantastic bulk section, and I loved that nearly half of the store was devoted to fresh produce and whole food. At the same time it was extremely overwhelming - it has taken a long time for us to learn about the local farmers, producers and products and we're still exploring, so it was a challenge to shop in a new geographic region. I also wanted to look at everything and read everything. Once you start looking at food origins, you can't stop. 

Grandpa is working on a macaroni salad. 

This was perhaps the best part of baking at my grandparent's house: measuring spoons and cups circa 1965. 

So we mixed the dough... 

Left it to rise.... 

Rolled them just like making pretzels, and tied them into quick overhand knots. We let them rise again, then bake them according to the recipe... and impress the family!  

Of course they are not only impressive to look at -

but the taste and texture is impressive as well. 

***Side note: traveling on the same weekend as daylight savings time ridiculously early in the morning is a bad idea. Not only did we lose an hour traveling, we lost an hour to daylight savings time. Is anyone else feeling really off? 


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Last year we traveled from Arizona (where they don't observe daylight savings) back to Alaska over daylight savings Sunday, and then had to go to work the next day. Not exactly ideal.