Saturday, March 5, 2011

Braided Loaves

I was chatting with my friend Melissa about bread the other day (food is perhaps our favorite topic of conversation) and I was telling her about my struggles with slashing and the tearing on some of my loaves. She suggested that I try making braided loaves instead, which was SUPER EASY, a lot of fun, and they turned out beautifully! 

As Melissa put it, you just "string-roll sections of the dough into long pieces and then braid and knot them together as you wish. Be creative... sometimes they don't turn out but the sky is the limit."

It's just like how you roll out the dough for pretzels, but I kept them thicker. 

This one used 4 rolls of dough from the spinach feta recipe. 

And this dough from the honey whole wheat I rolled into three strands and braided it just like you would braid your hair. 

Bake them according to the recipe. Aren't they cool?!? They look very complicated and impressive... but are so simple. Use this for potlucks and show off your skills!


Today, March 5th, is our 6th month anniversary! 

It's crazy to think our wedding was 6 months ago. 

We're celebrating by taking an avalanche course at Mt Baker; actually, the field trip just happened to to fall on the same day; but going up into the mountains is appropriate for the day. This is part of our Basic Climbing Course with the Mountaineers. Maybe we'll do something special on Sunday... or perhaps I will do a whole lot of homework as my finals are next week. =( 

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So simple, yet super cool--awesome job!

Happy 6-month anniversary! I guess Monday would be out 2-2/3 anniversary. ;)

Good luck with finals!

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Thanks Michelle! Happy 2-2/3 anniversary today!