Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Colophon Cafe & Gelato

Ross and I went here for a late breakfast a couple weeks ago - but I completely forgot to post it! So here is a story of a small meal and a dessert on a sunny day in Bellingham. 

The Colophon Cafe is located in Fairhaven and is right next store to our favorite book store - Village Books. They serve a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, and ICE CREAM in addition to a full service espresso counter. This is another one of those really great local, independent restaurants that sources their food right from the PNW. They also have many vegetarian and gluten-free recipes, so I can take anyone there! 

Perhaps my favorite part - they have a formal dining room with table service downstairs, which is also where the kitchen is located, so the paper food orders get thrown down a pipe and the food comes up this mini elevator. Isn't that just wicked cool?!?! 

We split an order of the locally smoked salmon dill quiche - though it was hard to share! It also came with cantaloupe and a house-made roll. 

Ross doesn't like cantaloupe, so I ate it all! 

The reason we split it was so that we could enjoy some Gelato. Gelato is Italian for ice cream - but with a lot less fat. To me, it is denser and creamier, and I love the presentation. 

Espresso Gelato with Caramel Gelato - INCREDIBLE!

What's your favorite flavor of Gelato? We had pumpkin pie last fall - it was perhaps my favorite ever.