Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hittin' the Road

This morning (and last night, since Ross had to work the early shift this morning) we had to say goodbye to two of our very good friends - Lauren and Chris. 

We are going to miss our rock climbing buddies so so much

Lauren is moving back to DC with her family and Chris is hitting the road to go on a band tour with Tom Evanchuck and the Old Money. Who knows - maybe they will make it big?!?!? 

A huge congratulations to Lauren who successfully defended her thesis on Friday and is now officially a Master! She'll formally graduate with her Masters in Geography with me in December, but from a distance.

We went to the Copper Hog to celebrate! 

LOVE Brown Ales. 

And the next night we continued to celebrate with a Big Mama Margarita from Jalapenos. Holy Mole these things knock you on your ass! They are so strong - 32oz for $6.50 and that's more than all you need for the night. =) 

And now Lauren and Chris have hit the road and are on a cross-country adventure. They are planning stops at Glacier, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Chicago, Cleveland and then to DC. But their first stop was my house for breakfast!!!! 

I decided to slice up the brioche and get my French Toast on! 

So simple - a beaten egg, some cinnamon, and homemade bread! LOVE our griddle. 

Because of the braid these were more like french toast sticks in a way - and they were a treat! 

So delicious slathered in REAL maple syrup. I don't mess around. 

Farewell to Chris and Lauren - safe travels. We will hopefully catch up with them in November when the band is going to be playing in Seattle!