Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping w/ Dad: Day 2

We packed this day to the max! We woke up early and made breakfast burritos, which I completely failed to document. It was gloriously sunny though! (Click here to read about Day 1

After hearing about our climbing adventures, my Dad wanted to try it out. We headed over to Mazama - about 14 miles from Winthrop - to the climbing area. 

He did really well and made it to the top on his first climb! 

Then we taught him how to belay - Ross worked with him while I climbed. He was solid! 

Then I had some fun leading a sport climb called the Bolterheist. 

It was a really fun climb! 

Ross climbed it as well. 

Then the rock just got too hot - so we headed back to the campground for some ice cream!

And swimming! 

I was playing with the panoramic setting on my camera - not the best but a fun shot nonetheless. 

The water was so refreshing! 

On the road to the campsite there is an RV resort that had a mini-golf course. 

And Ross is obsessed with mini-golf, so we had to stop to play. Even on the run down and sun-baked course.

See - doesn't he look happy? 

Ross and my Dad both got a hole-in-one on the 2nd 6th hole. 

It was HOT! I loved it! 

Then I got a hole-in-one too! Ross caught me doing a little happy dance. I'm not embarrassed.

But wait - there's more! 

We spent the evening in Winthrop - a tiny, quaint, Old-West town. The wooden sidewalks spanned the 2-block town where the only chain business I saw was the tiny Chevron gas pump - but the little convenience store was independent. Loved it! 

We decided that the second night we would go into town for dinner - and we ended up Carlos 1800 Mexican Grill and Cantina.

 I wanted somewhere I thought I could get a lot of veggies! 

We started off with Margaritas. 

This thing is called "El Globo." 

Holy Mole - !fue gigante! 

I went with a regular sized margarita - this was a fantastic combination of two of my favorite drinks: a margarita and a tequila sunrise! Just add OJ to the margarita and it's perfect! 

And veggies I got! Veggie fajitas! 

With all the fixins. 

My dad got a Chicken Chimichanga - which was also excellent. 

And Ross has the Camarones Monterrey - shrimp wrapped in bacon and then covered in cheese!!! These were the star of the show by far. 

Then we did the touristy thing. Ha ha ha. 

Ross panned for gold. 

We walked over the Chewuch River. 

Then it was time for another fire and sleep! We were exhausted. 

Day 3 coming tomorrow!