Friday, August 12, 2011

Pine Marten #3

Reader Limerick Challenge Number #3

In the winter small mammals they’ll pick
In the summer small birds or a tick
Perhaps some fresh fruit
Voles and mice will suit
The marten’s diet is considered ________________
(Hint: ends with "ic") 

*Right now I am backpacking through the North Cascades. For this trip we had to prepare a natural history presentation about a plant and an animal. While I'm gone Iwanted to share a little with you about the plant and animal I chose: purple mountain saxifrage and the pine marten. For the pine marten I have prepared a collection of Limericks from which to introduce cool facts about this creature. Does anyone listen to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me on NPR?!?!? If so, you now how this goes: I will post the limerick with all but the last word, and you can fill in the word in the comments section if you think you know what it is! 

For more information about Pine Martens check out this link!