Friday, August 5, 2011

Camping w/ Dad: Day 3

The last day of camping we woke up early because we had heard horror stories of being stuck in construction and hour long delays over Highway 20. Ross had to be at work by 2pm and we didn't want him to be late, so we booked it outta there - though we went slowly by the Winthrop Police...

Until we realized that it was a dummy! The car had been sitting in the same spot the whole time we were there, and sure enough there was a paper sack with a hat on top in the front seat! Well, it worked, I most definitely did not speed through this area. 

And as it turned out - there was no construction! 

Which meant we had time for a short 1-mile hike to Rainy Lake on the Rainy Lake Trail 

This is perhaps the most beautiful completely accessible trail you may ever walk - it's paved the whole way from the Rainy Pass parking area. It winds through the shadowed fir forest, the snow finally melting and the ferns just now unfurling their fiddleheads, and as it opens you come upon this beautiful alpine lake, a cascading waterfall and a glacier to gaze upon. 

This is a classic glacier carved u-shaped valley whose lake is dammed by a terminal moraine (the rocks and gravel that glacier moved around) and filled with glacial meltwater.  

What a place of beauty and wonder.