Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rhody Cafe

This past Thursday after class Ross and I took a friend/classmate and her fiance to Mt Erie to do some climbing and to show them around. It was a wonderfully sunny day! 

We got a late start due to our morning class, so we didn't really get to start climbing until 3pm - which meant that by the time we were done we were hungry! And since we were down in the Skagit Valley, and since we had to take Chuckanut Drive home (or else sit in I-5 construction traffic - no thank you!), we definitely stopped for dinner at the Rhododendron Cafe. 

Also known as the Rhody Cafe, the Rhody is located in Bow, WA; a tiny town that fits into the category of "if you blink you will miss it." 

Located in this quaint looking home is where you can go on a different "ethnic odyssey" each month. Isn't this a dream: the owners take December and January off each year to travel the world and learn new recipes to bring back, and then each month's menu features a specific region of the world. 

July is Island Cooking - far from the homey feel inside the restaurant, but mouthwatering none-the-less. 

My friend Raena and I couldn't decide - so we split two meals, one being the Kona Burger: an organic lean beef patty smothered in a teryaki and pineapple glaze and served with roasted rosemary potatoes. Heavenly. 

Then we shared a Greek Pasta - artichoke, tomatoes, kalamata olives, local feta cheese and prawns in a rich tomato sauce. 

Ross enjoyed the Edison Burger with bacon and swiss. 

And Raena's fiance Sean had to Oyster Po' Boy sandwich - lightly breaded and pan fried oysters with a tarter sauce and those wonderful potatoes. 

The other items I was tempted to order as well but had to resist: 
Soup of the Day: a Kale, Chickpea and Sausage soup (the kale from their garden!!!) 
Chuckanut Cheese Plate: featuring cheeses from three different local dairies! 
Tiki Shrimp & Crab Cakes: coconut milk, ginger, peppers, pan fried and served with ginger-citrus aioli and grilled new potatoes with vegetable

If you have not been or if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest you absolutely MUST stop at this place! My pictures don't do it justice. The food is incredible, the service is uncompromising, and the mission is solid: supporting local farms and farmers while lovingly preparing incredible food!